To see Reese now is somewhat of a miracle.  She was confiscated from a property in western Douglas county, along with approximately 60 other “pit bull type” dogs.  The owner of the property swore up and down that he was “saving” them from “other places,” but the dog fighting paraphernalia he possessed suggested otherwise.  Unfortunately, authorities could never put together enough evidence to truly bust him.  Instead, little by little, they confiscated dogs from the property on the grounds of “overcrowding.”  When Reese landed at the Nebraska Humane Society, she was estimated to be between 6 and 9 months and weighed about HALF off what she should have.  It was believed she was used as a bait dog.  I remember volunteering with other dogs that came from that property.  They were so terrified to leave their kennels, that they would pancake to the floor.  They were so afraid of passing through doorways, we’d have to carry them.  Some had horrific scars, and others had their ears cut off completely.  The pain and suffering these dogs endured is unimaginable.  But Reese is a shining example of how one can forgive and live in the present.  She is now a beloved family member, bringing endless amounts of joy and laughter to her people.  You are a beacon of hope, miss Reese piece.