Opportunity to save a life…

As a volunteer at the Nebraska Humane Society, I see many animals pass through their doors.  Those that are adoptable have as long as it takes to find a loving home.  Unfortunately, the shelter is now full of cats and that may no longer be the case.  Please see the message below from Judy Varner, the president and CEO of the Nebraska Humane Society:

Please help us save the lives of wonderful cats and kittens!
During the past 7 days, 341 cats have found their way to our door –these cats have either been surrendered by their owners or have been running stray in our community. Our shelter takes in every animal and turns no one away.  During  this same  timeframe, only 108 cats have been adopted.  Bottom line – when we run out of cage space we will be forced to put cats to sleep simply because we have run out of cage space and we have not had enough adopters come take them home . At this very moment, we have 23 empty cages ;  on average we have had approximately 50 cats come in each of the last 7 days.

Though we did not create this incredibly sad situation, we are trying desperately to get through it without having to put perfectly sweet, adoptable cats to sleep.  We can’t do it without others who care!  Please share this plea with everyone on your email list who cares!

Starting today, all cats 5 months of age and older will be free.   Imagine, a wonderful cat who has been spayed /neutered, micro-chipped – all for free.  Please help save a life – spread the word!!!!

Judy Varner
President & CEO
Nebraska Humane Society
8929 Fort Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68134

shmooshy lips

Meet Sawyer.  9lbs of newborn newness.  And the owner of the best set of shmooshy lips this side of the Missouri.

lucy bear

I am pretty sure this girl is in the 90th percentile for eye lashes.  I am completely sure she is in the 110th percentile for cuteness.