The end of the year editing whirlwind is coming to a close…so that means its time to get some posts up that I have been eager to share!

This is Earnest.  I met him while photographing Mocha, the homeless chihuahua puppy you met in the previous post (side note: Mocha’s foster parents decided he is not going anywhere, so he is HOME for the holidays!).

This shoot was new for me as I hadn’t done an on location kitty session before.  Earnest was a bit timid, so I popped on the 70-200mm and hung out, peeking at him around the kitchen island.  He would get brave, come out, and then {click} he would flee.  After about 15 minutes, he warmed up nicely.  I had a blast and look forward to more on location work!

Earnest was adopted from one of the Nebraska Humane Society’s off-site adoption locations at PetSmart.  His mom went in with no intentions of adopting a cat, but decided to “just look.”  He melted into her chest and seven years later he is still warming her heart.