A year of Jack.

Jack. J Bones. Jay. Jackpot.  He goes by many names.  To us, he is a ray of sunshine, the best part about coming home.

To commemorate a year as being a member of our family, we took Jack out for a mini shoot.  The colors and light are beautiful right now and I wanted to get my little man romping in the leaves.  He did wonderfully, listening to our every request.


But, let’s rewind and take a look back.  Just over a year ago, these images were taken of our boy when he first landed at the Nebraska Humane Society. Neglected, sick, thin and homeless.  We first met Jack while volunteering in “ISO” the section of NHS dedicated to helping dogs afflicted with respiratory infections.


Contrast that to the shots taken this past weekend, and you will see the change.  A beautiful silky coat.  Muscle tone.  Confidence.  And a happy smile.


This little ball of fur has changed our lives more than we could have ever imagined and we are grateful for every day that we are lucky enough to share with him.